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Learn, Grow & Live an Orgasmic Life in Toronto! Join Canada’s best educators, coaches, and counsellors in sexuality and relationships. Classes, Retreats and Programming unlike any in the world is at your fingertips.

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Start Your Coaching Journey Now with Toronto’s Best Counsellors and Coaches!

COACHING PKG for Solo/Individual ~ $800
COACHING PKG for Pair/Couple ~ $1100

✔ Free 15-min Consultation

✔ Four 60-minute sessions by telephone or online or in-person

✔ Home Work and Follow Up

✔ Support emails

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Did you know…

That anyone, of any gender, orientation, age or ability is welcome to work with us at the Sexual Awakening Centre? You also get a free 15-min consultation over the phone with any of us to see how we may be able to support your personal journey and relationships.

We offer opportunities for sensual, sexual and spiritual exploration in North America, Europe, Central America and around the World. We offer opportunities to learn, grow, and express yourself in all possible ways, and support your journey of full sensual & sexual expression. We offer courses and training, workshops, seminars, guest lecturing & retreats. Your pleasure is endless, and so are our possibilities of working together.