Adventurous Playshops


ADVENTUROUS Play workshops are learning experiences focusing on EMPOWERING EDUCATION & CONNECTION with self and with others and or with your partner.

The intention of these empowering educational playshops is to Learn, Discover, Explore and have Fun.  

A different ADVENTUROUS playful loving topic to awaken the curious and explorer within you. Each playshop offers a different tantalizing topic and opportunity to play and connect with yourself, your partner and or with others. Experienced with mindful awareness and always within boundaries of safety, consent, and comfort levels with respect, honour, and trust being built with yourself FIRST and reciprocally with others.

Open to seekers of self-empowerment; solo beings of feminine or masculine form, couples, small groups, all orientations, genders identity, lifestyles, and those free of labels. Welcome and be Celebrated!

Adventurous playshops are about Knowledge, Wisdom, Expansion and Evolution of self and/or with partner.
If that is your quest then these playshops are perfect. The learning takes place through lecture, discussion, guided exercises, self-reflective inquiry and practice. Expanding your pleasure possibilities and Connection with self, your partner and like minded fellow “enthusiasts”.

The playshops are meant to be experiential as possible relative to your desires, needs, boundaries, and readiness to explore.  The variety of topics span from role-playing to resilient edges of resistance and things you didn’t know were possible.

You are invited to participate in whatever ways you feel comfortable. The act of “witnessing”(observing) is also considered participation, known as a different form of downloading and learning.

Irregularly on Wednesday evenings




GRATITUDE to our Canadian SPONSOR:
Dare to be an adventurous learner

All our workshops are Fragrance Free Zones as we are in a group space to warmly welcome those with  physical sensitivities. This means no colognes or perfumes please. Essential Oils dabs are fine.
~ Thank you for supporting our community of beautiful shiny beings.

Your Facilitator, Guide & Teacher
and sometimes Special Guests

Lady Viktoria
Your Adventurous Intimacy Coach & Confidante

It’s a pleasure to meet you…with a twinkle of the eyes; I bite, just ASK nicely.

Conceived in Greece and cultivated in Toronto, Canada, I am a passionate, provocateur, catalyst and avant garde Intimacy & Relationship ~ Coach, Counsellor and Confidante. I am also a practitioner, teacher and instructor of Holistic Chi Kung Massage, AcademyofAdventurousLearning,   and Tantra: Classical, Neo, Taoist and Tibetan practices.

My understanding of a holistic embodied being encompasses all our senses; physically, intellectually, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. As in Tantra; weaving light, sound and form with relaxation, presence, focus and mindful awareness. I impart holistic wisdom of well-being, cultivate sacred sexual self-awareness with an equally healthy amount of science to nourish your passion for love, life and sex. Living YOUR LIFE fully as a beautiful shiny human being with wonder and curiosity, connection, alignment, unapologetic expression, and sensual passion on your terms.

Connect to your power, playfulness, purpose and natural intimacy with respect, honour, love and compassion.

What are they saying about Viktoria?
An active kink community leader for over 10+ years, who leads adventurous public play-shops, classes and intensives. She is a gifted speaker, inspiring confidence, curiosity and authentic communication with her audience. She regularly facilitates presentations and workshops at community organizations, campuses and conferences across North America.

“Mindfully aware and always within your boundaries of safety, consent, and comfort levels with respect, honour and trust with yourself first and reciprocally with others”.

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