Athletes have several coaches & trainers for each season.

In life and with sex, we’re just hoping someone will play with us. That someone will want us on their team, even just for a game of pick-up on occasion.

Think about what’s possible if you had a team around you and your sexuality!x

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At the SAC, we work with people in 3 month increments. We support you along your journey & always give you take home & “playwork”

Be supported along your Ride in Health, Wealth & Bliss in your Body, Life & Relationships.


We have coached top executives in international firms, national team athletes, internationally acclaimed artists, and work with people of every background, age and ability. We have coached individuals between 18-75, singles and those in relationships of thirty years, newlyweds and everyone in between.

You may want to work with us if you:

    ✦  are unhappy with your sensual/sexual self  ✦

    ✦  are unhappy with your sex life/dynamics in your relationships  ✦

    ✦  have low sexual desire  ✦

    ✦  have experienced abuse or trauma  ✦

    ✦  have not yet reached orgasm with yourself or a partner  ✦

    ✦  want to control your orgasm  ✦

    ✦  want to become multi-orgasmic  ✦

    ✦  struggle with premature ejaculation  ✦

    ✦  want to expand your types of orgasmic experiences  ✦

    ✦  want more intense orgasms  ✦

    ✦  want a deeper sexual-spiritual connection with your lover  ✦

    ✦  want a deeper sexual-spiritual connection with yourself  ✦

    ✦  desire to love and accept your body  ✦

    ✦  want to enhance your sexual pleasure  ✦

    ✦  want to expand your sexual techniques/skills  ✦

    ✦  find yourself saying, ‘my vagina made me do it’ or ‘my penis made me do it’  ✦

    ✦  feel shame, guilt, fear, anxiety, pressure, stress, or pain in relation to sex and intimate interactions with others  ✦

    ✦  use sex to avoid feeling  ✦

It helps that tthe facilitator is the most gifted, open hearted and sensually gifted teacher I’ve ever met. I’ve never had a better time of re-connecting with the softer side of myself than in her class. -S.C. Toronto, ON