Our History & Teachers

Founded 2009.

We are a collective of professionals – coaches, counsellors, mentors, educators, consultants in Toronto, Canada. We lead various training programs, events and classes, and are notable speakers, authors, teachers, and alternative healing specialists. And we also host other practitioners and teachers from across the world including: Canada, the USA, Europe and Australasia to provide extraordinary Events on Spirituality, Sensuality and Sexuality.

Organizations, educational institutions, and governmental departments often request us for speaking engagements and consulting services, but a large part of our service is offered through private coaching for individuals and couples, teacher and facilitator training, workshops/classes/events, speaking engagements, live performances, and lectures.

We are not a centre in the jungle, though we host retreats in tropical destinations on occasion, we are however an ocean of resources for accessing quality education, unique perspectives to encourage and support freedom of expression and one’s rights as a human being. We always strive to offer the most unique topics, classes, and events where ever we are, and offer comprehensive coaching, training and classes that propel connection with oneself and others.

We have travelled to Cuba, Europe, Australasia, Central America, USA and parts of Canada teaching and speaking on a variety of topics, always emphasizing discovery of self through relationship and new perspectives on sex and sexuality.

Our Philosophy

✧  Sex, intimacy, and expressing our sexuality are basic human needs and rights. The Sexual Awakening Centre supports our rights as a human being to access honest, healthy and quality sex education and opportunities for personal growth and development.

✧  Through sex education, coaching, and personal development, we can access deep self-love, accept ourselves and others just as they are, have open, loving and connected relationships and thus support our societies of diverse and interdependent peoples.

✧  We are all born as creative sexual beings but often shame, guilt, rejection, and sexual trauma prevent us from connecting with our sexual power. We are often out of sync with our sexuality and as such deep and explorative sensual, intimate and sexual relationships with ourselves and others seem both difficult to talk about and achieve. So we fill our worlds with creativity, passion, beauty, and sensual, loving relationships, and reclaim our sexual power to come back to a healthy relationship with self and others.

If you are an Individual or Couple: At the Sexual Awakening Centre we offer support for your journey in exploration, discovery, and adventure into who you are and what sex and sexuality mean to you!

If you are a HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONER, HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATION, or EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION: we provide support for you to become equipped, comfortable and open to addressing and speaking about sex, sexuality and sensuality in compassionate, effective and honest ways.

 We support and commit to AASECT’s (American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists) Vision for Sexual Health.