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A Sacred Journey for Two

Take the Tantric journey or the weekend immersive of self discovery through the non-sexual and sexual Classical Tantra, Neo(21st century) Tantra, Taoist Tantra, and Tibetan Tantra. principles of life; love, joy, acceptance, curiosity, presence, relaxation, focus with mindful awareness. Acquire the transformational toolkit to cultivate the empowered, passionate and playful YOU with your partner!

This all encompassing holistic sacred journey will be travelled with respect, honour, support, and compassion as we unleash the greatness (Goddess and God) within.  Experiencing your journey through theory and clothes-on experiential practices, home work techniques, reading and journaling. All the genital techniques will be demonstrated upon  Creating lasting change through a series of embodied (mind, heart, body, energy and spirit) practices.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is a sacred embodied practice, combining ancient Tantric sexual and non-sexualteachings from Tibet, Hindu/India, Taoist practices, Tantric Movement, Non-Violent Communication, and Somatic/Tantric Healing Methods. Tantra approaches “pleasure as medicine”, and as a healing art.

In Tibetan Tantra the 4 pillars; Meditation, Movement, Connection, and Pleasure. Each pillar creates a pathway though the layers of ignorance, trauma, and cultural conditioning in the body/mind/spirit, reconnecting you with the core of your life essence- that spark of infinite, Divine consciousness, that we all are! The 4 Pillars of Tibetan Tantra are some of the most authentic and powerful Tantric teachings available today, catalyzing profound healing and transformation in the areas of sexuality, spirituality, and personal growth.

In Classical Hindu Tantra the balance and flow of the feminine and masculine streams along with the central channel are known as Ida Nadi and Pingula Nadi with the Sushuma channel. Nadi is the nerve pathway or energy stream/flow. The Ida Nadi corresponds to the parasympathetic nervous system. The Pingula Nadi corresponds to the sympathetic nervous system. Lastly, the Sushumna channel corresponds to the central nervous system. All contributing to your vitality/vigor or life force energy of Ojas.


What is Tantra continued~

Traditional Tantra is a form of Yogic practice, which includes sexual and non-sexual teachings, designed to transform human consciousness, remove the veils of “ignorance”, and realize “enlightenment”, (i.e. freedom from suffering.)

Tantra is not a religion, it is a holistic lifestyle. It is a way of integrating body, mind, spirit and energy.

Benefits of Tantra

• Blast through blocks to bliss
• Cultivate confidence in all areas of your life.
• Connect authentically with your desires, needs, and self
• Deepen your relating with compassionate communication
• Embody your Divine Masculine energy
• Embody your Divine Feminine energy
• Expand your sensual and sexual awareness
• Embrace the possibilities of the multi orgasmic state
• Tap into the Sexual Healing Energy
• Cultivate greater energy , vitality and orgasmic life force
• Live a more ecstatic life!


Tantra Elements & Practices

Immerse yourselves in the following ancient wisdom of non-sexual and sexual practices and elements of Classical Tantra, Neo Tantra, Taoist Tantra, and Tibetan Tantra:

  • Essential Elements of Tantra
  • Practice of Presence, Awareness, Relaxation and Focus
  • Language and Compassionate Communication
  • Pleasure as the Pathway ~ Eliminating Blocks to Bliss
  • Fire Element Tibetan Tantra Meditation
  • Pelvic Core Elemental Embodiment Movements
  • Deep Intimacy with the Art of Adoration Ritual
  • Feminine & Masculine Core & Complimentary Essences
  • Sensual & Sexual Awareness  incl.: Lingam & Yoni massage
  • Orgasmic Pleasure Potential ~ Sexual Healing
  • Integration: Conscious Connections with Self & Lover

Please Note: The above is subject to the program you choose.


Your commitment as a couple/pair:

• Attending all the sessions of the program
• Participating in your “home play” assignments
(approx. 1 hour 2-3 times per week)
• Willingness to dive deeper into your self-discovery
• Willingness to be present, accepting and mindfully aware of yourself and others
• Willingness to hold and support sacred space for each other


Tantra 4 Couples/Pairs


Tantra Program for Couples/Pair (12+hrs)
6 Week OR 8 Session Intensives*
Sessions run from 1.5 – 2hr in-person
(*scheduling time of your chosen program will be mutually agreed upon)
+ includes  5 Element Tibetan, Classical & Neo Tantra
+ bonus 1.5hr follow up session in-person/telephone/Skype
+ support emails during the program
+ course material handouts
+ relevant reference book
+ mp3 recordings of 5 Element Meditations
+ rose quartz ben wa balls or jade egg
+ honey dipper wand
$1700 (tax incl.)
(payment plan option is available)


PRIVATE Telephone/Skype
Tantra Program for Couples/Pair (4+hrs)
3 Week OR 4hour Session Intensive
Sessions run for 1hr by telephone/Skype
(*scheduling time of your chosen program will be mutually agreed upon)
+ bonus 1hr follow up session by telephone/Skype
+ support emails during the program
+ mp3 recording of Fire Element Meditation
+ course material handouts
+ relevant reference book
$600 (tax incl.)
(payment plan option is available)




IMPORTANT to Also, PLEASE NOTE:  All our workshops/events are Fragrance Free Zones as we are in a group space to warmly welcome those with  physical sensitivities. This means no colognes or perfumes please. Essential Oils dabs are fine. ~ Thank you for supporting our community of beautiful shiny beings.

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