With The Sexual Awakening Centre you will find that our workshops are infused with both the importance of practice and the aim to offer knowledge or teachings that you could easily repeat, explain to others, and with which you could work creatively. Workshops tend to be 4hrs in length or shorter. The attitude of participants is often: I am going to take something away from this, while in class and practice the idea is to reveal, discover or bring forth something from within. Everything noted above is reversible of course.

As teachers of workshops, we take the stance: If I never saw this person again would they be able to use what was shared? If they left with only one thing what would it be and why is it important? This is always the focus of one-time affairs even if we see you in another arena, class or practice.

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It’s about appreciating the physiognomy of the female sex organs by allowing one’s mind to become elastic to embrace, accept, believe, and explore one’s attitude towards oneself, mentally, physically and emotionally in a very safe, informative, and supportive environment. The end result is a heightened awareness and confidence of not only what it is to be a woman, but what it is to love yourself, completely, without judgment. -N.S., Toronto