Viktoria Kalenteris

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Locations:  Toronto based, Montreal, Ottawa, and other cities within Canada and the US

Available for:  Speaking Engagements, Presentations, One-on-One and Couples Coaching or Mentoring, Classes, Playshops, and Demos

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Viktoria is all about Playful Loving, counselling and self-empowerment life coaching. For over 10 years she helps men, women and couples get the life, love and intimacy they desire.

Her approach is that of holistic avant garde creativity with a great balance of science and woo woo. In addition, she is a practitioner and instructor of adventurous learning, Chi Kung massage, and of Tibetan, Classical and Neo Tantra.

Her science and woo woo approach of holistic well-being is for the knowledge and wisdom seeking, open minded adult. She resonates integrity, mindful awareness, and presence. Her professional, yet open manner inspires confidence, curiosity and wonder.

One of Viktoria’s great joys in life is helping others reclaim their power, playfulness and natural intimacy. Helping you get the life, love and intimacy you desire on your terms.

She is known as a passionate provocateur, catalyst and confidante. A swirling energy of calm awareness and brash dominant sensuality with a penchant for tribal belly dancing and leather.

She imparts knowledge and wisdom on releasing limiting beliefs, new patterns of heart centred connection, compassionate communication, conscious sensuality, sacred sexuality, and anatomy of arousal. Skills and tecniques on solo or partner pleasure. Grounding, nurturing and healing touch and a variety of adventurous play learning.

Viktoria presents and speaks at community organizations, colleges, universities and conferences within Canada, the US and Europe. See topic list below. She is available for speaking engagements, presentations, consultations and one-on-one, two-on-one coaching sessions and mentoring.



  • Yoga Teacher 200RYT
  • Tibetan Tantra Practitioner/Teacher
  • Holistic Chi Kung Massage Practitioner/Teacher
  • Lifespace Transformational Counselling
  • Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT)
  • Discovery Method of Teaching in Sex & Sexuality
  • Sex Therapy Intensive Certificate, U of Guelph
  • Human Relations Major & Psychology Minor, Concordia U
  • Understanding Adolescent Sexuality and Teaching Sex Ed

ADDITIONAL Paths of Study

General Topics:

  • Adventurous Play
  • Arousal & Pleasures of the Male Persuasion
  • Arousal & Pleasures of the Female Persuasion
  • Anal Arousal & Pleasures
  • Body Bliss: Your Self Pleasure Potential
  • Brain Sex Connection: Erotic Expression
  • Female Ejaculation & G-Spot Area
  • Know Thyself Intimately
  • Negotiating Terms of Intimate Engagement
  • Sex Toys 101 : The Good, Bad and Ugly
  • and more

Adventurous Topics:

  • Adventurous Play Anatomy Do’s and Don’ts
  • Adventurous Protocol and Ritual
  • RolePlay: Villains, Victims and Vixens
  • Tactical Tactile Titillation
  • Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down Safely
  • Art of Collaborative Conversation
  • Your Choice: Physical vs Psychological
  • Body Lix: Sensual Art of Flogging
  • Fire and Ice: Temperature Play
  • Resilient Edge of Resistance
  • and more