Tantra for Everyone







OPEN to ALL! Singles/solo/individuals, and friends ~ people who are label free and people who identify as beautiful shiny human beings. Welcome and be Celebrated!

You are invited to attend this introductory “Sacred Sexuality: Taste of Tantra” with an open mind and heart. Travel this path to enlightenment and possibilities of connecting deeper and with more presence in all areas of your life. The intention of the introductory workshop is to deepen and expand your capacity to love and connect with yourself, others and the divine.

It is now over 6 years that we have been sharing the Tantra teachings. The sharing is based on Classical, Tibetan and Neo Tantra pathways. Sponged into your being through education, history, wisdom, q&a, self-inquiry, reflection, and most importantly, experiential practice.

This is a clothes-on workshop, of which is led within your boundaries of consent and comfort levels with respect, honour and trust with YOURSELF first and reciprocally with fellow attendees. You may engage at whatever level you see/feel yourself called to. If you choose not to engage in the solo and or partnered or group exercises and practices, you then take on the role of “witness”. The role of “witness” is considered participation, which is a different way of learning.

What will I learn?
  • Tantric Practice of Soulful Connection
  • Tantric Practice of Conscious Healing
  • Tantric Practice of Sensual Awareness
  • Tantric Practice of Sacred Sexuality


How is this traveled?
You will be guided to cultivate and embody the Tantric principles through practices of:
  • intention setting
  • grounding
  • nurturing
  • healing
  • sensuala dialogue on sexual practices
  • breath work
  • eye gazing
  • meditation
  • touch techniques
  • conscious language
  • conscious communication
  • movement
  • energy awareness
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