Couples Sensual Love & Intimacy Workshops

Needing some Sizzle? Some Sparks? Space away from the hustle of life? The Sensual Love & Intimacy group workshop is a great addition to your date night, or a way to infuse intimate play and connection into your relationship!

You may also consider making this a private workshop as gift or a journey to learn together.

So often we believe physical touch, intimacy or sex is “the bonus if there’s time” or sadly we get to a point where we are severely dehydrated from making time for touch, vulnerability, or simple play. So join us on a sensual adventure to bring you back to the time when you made time for one another!

Choose your Sensual Love & Intimacy Coaching:

  • Tantra 4 Lovers private coaching for couples
  • Tantra 4 Lovers private workshop 2hr ($400/two)


Explore sensual, sexual, and intimate practices, designed to deepen our relationship with our selves, others in our community, and the divine.

Throughout the sacred and playful interactions and exercises, we will practice and experiment with different tools to bring love, joy, acceptance, and sexual-spiritual awakening into our everyday lives.

The gatherings will be different every single time, but the general theme is sacred, intentional, sensual, connection.

As well as being new and fun and radical, sacred-sexual practice opportunities create openings for connection, healing, empowerment, and inspiration. When we begin to harmonize our sexual and spiritual aspects, our experiences become expressions of celebration, compassion, joy, and ecstatic self-acceptance. BLISS!

All sexual orientations, experience levels, and genders are welcome, (and irrelevant) at these authentic playgrounds, the only secret password is a commitment to self-reflection and expansion.

Facilitators create a sacred, interactive, fun and safe environments for up to twenty intentional people to gather every month. It is our pleasure to hold space for our community to learn, grow, and play with others interested in authentic expression and sensual play as an embodied spiritual path.

Practices may include elements of kundalini yoga, partner yoga, tantric breathing, sound, movement, meditation, games, chanting, conscious connection exercises, shaking, massage, and more… all designed to open the heart, move sexual life-force energy, and integrate mind, body and spirit with the conscious intention to share in love.

**Nudity is not a part of the practices unless explicitly noted.**


Register by email: to hold your spot.


Limited to 7 couples


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