Tantric Foundations Courses

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Tantra is a spiritual path. One that over time abolishes all beliefs, reduces needs to chase or seek from without, and celebrates humanness and our senses as a path to blissful divine union.

Foundations Courses offer opportunities to get out of your head, into your body and discover sacred sensual, intimate and devotional practices from your own creativity. You are guided and facilitated to deepen your relationship with self, others and the divine with practice, creativity and spontaneous surrendering. Over time, one experiences a realization that practice is living, there is no goal or something to achieve.

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Tantric Practice, Play & Pleasure Foundations 1

It is for those:

– Interested in, or involving Sacred Sexuality in their lives, who want an opportunity to deepen their capacity for pleasure, freedom, and play with themselves, others & the divine! God, that sounds so good!

– Who may consider or wish to offer devotional, loving gifts to people in their lives, “tantra buddies” or anyone in need of love and attention, including themselves.

– Who have one lover or one hundred lovers and seek a deeper connection with them

– Desiring to be in a sensual, accepting, respectful, boundary-honouring, loving community

– Who have experience with Sacred Sexuality Tuesdays OR who have been immersed in Tantra or similar areas before.

This “course” is offered for one core purpose: To offer everyone strong foundations of communication in the realm of practice, play and pleasure, ritual and ceremony, direct practice in the Tantric philosophy of practice as practice, and a guide to dancing with your heart, hands, body, mind & spirit in the presence and acceptance of others.

At the end of Tantric Practice, Play & Pleasure Foundations 1, you will:

✩ Have a foundation of communicating about sacred sexuality, yourself, your desires and feelings, and how to have one or many partners

✩ Access & inspire your own creativity for movement, sound, touch and discovery of the human body

✩ Have a greater understanding of human anatomy and anatomy of the ‘sexual spirit’ and nuances of working with sexual energy without attachment to outcome

✩ Learn to easily create partner practices, massage, and other dynamic meditative and potentially healing and opening exercises that lead to deep connection and bliss

✩ Know how to create ceremony and ritual around body, time and space

✩ Be connected with a group of beautiful beings devoted to having more play and pleasure in the world

✩ Be offered a variety of personalized ideas to focus on in your daily living to continue expanding your capacity to love and connect with yourself, others & the divine.

✩ Receive support from Follow Your Bliss & The Sexual Awakening Centre

✩ Likely fall in love with yourself… at least we hope!

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