Tantra Tuesdays in Toronto – Classes Open to ALL Seekers

Classes Every Tuesday OPEN for ALL!

Join us for our weekly Toronto Tantra Tuesday ~ A Taste of Tantra through a tantric principles practice class within the context of enlightening topics and themes from all realms of spiritual, personal, sensual and sexual living. Each Tuesday has educational, informational, and most importantly, experiential practice that is guided by the theme or topic of the evening and rooted in Tantric principles.

Best way to describe our class… just like in the Karate Kid movie, Mr. Miagi imparts knowledge with the foundational tools of ” wax on, wax off… paint up, paint down, etc.,” before you can  fully encompass the complete spectrum and practice of karate/kungfu. Same it is, as in Tantra – Va-gedi Viktoria

Expect to move, and sit on the floor on yoga mats and cushions, hence, its recommended to wear clothes you will feel comfortable in. (There is a change room).

As mentioned above within the Tantric Principles of thought and action, Tantra Tuesday is a seeking community rooted in expanding our capacity to love and connect with ourselves, others and the divine.

We are also committed to bringing Fellow Leaders and Experts in the field of Spirituality, Sensuality and Sexuality to share their teachings and practices with you. So stay tuned for announcements here on Meetup and on our websites: www.SexualAwakeningCentre.com and www.PlayfulLoving.com

When: Every week, 7:30pm-9:00pm (please arrive at 7:15 to register, we start promptly at 7:30) *Please be mindful of the class finishing just before us requires us to whisper*

Where: Spiritwind Yoga Studio, 2nd Floor, 64 Oxford St. ENTRANCE on Augusta above the Urban Herbivore across the street from Wanda’s Pie in the Sky

Regular Love Exchange: $20 regularly, first night is only $10!

Reminder: To dress comfortable as we sit on mats and yoga cushions.
Orgasmic Journeys involve movement so wear clothes you can move in.

Limited sliding-scale available – please see below…



No previous knowledge, understanding or practice required. Classes are open to all interested. Singles, couples and all orientations celebrated!

(Schedule and topics may change with/without notice! Remember all Tuesdays are practice based for expanding your capacity to love and connect with yourself, others and the divine. We encourage you not to pick only the ones that sound appealing, but to consider Tuesdays you’re own personal practice to open your heart, experience greater freedom, and connect with life more meaningfully.)


SEP 01 •  Tantric Practice of Sensual Awareness

SEP 08 • Tantric Practice of Quieting the Mind

SEP 15 • Tantric Practice of  …. w/Marci

SEP 22 • Tantric Practice of Giving & Receiving

SEP 29 • Tantric Practice of Sexy Sounds


OCT 06 • Tantric Practice of Sensual Awareness

OCT 13 • Tantric Practice of Desire vs Need

OCT 20 • Tantric Practice of Pleasure w/Marci

OCT 27 • Tantric Practice of Sexy Boundaries


NOV 03 • Tantric Practice of Sexual Energy Moves

NOV 10 • Tantric Practice of Communication w/Marci

NOV 17 • Tantric Practice of Sex & Money
w/Special Guest: Amy Jo Goddard

NOV 24 • Tantric Practice of Deep Connection


DEC 01 •  Tantric Practice of Sensual Awareness

DEC 08 • Tantric Practice of Quieting the Mind

DEC 15 • Tantric Practice of Energetic Sex w/Marci

DEC 22 • Tantric Practice of Masculine & Feminine Polarity

DEC 29 • Tantric Practice of Dark Tantra Play




A passionate, provocateur, catalyst and avant garde Sexuality and Relationship Coach for over 10 years. In addition, a transformational counsellor and a Holisitic Chi Kung Sexual Reflexology massage practitioner. I believe that we are a connection of the mind, body and heart as a holistic full embodied being.

The most important thing I relay in all my teachings is to be present and always listen, pause, and move forward within your boundaries of mindful awareness, consent, safety, and levels of comfort with respect, honour and trust, of which is being built reciprocally with self and others. To allow yourself the freedom to express, communicate, and play. Thus, receiving more abundance and vibrancy of life with yourself, your loved ones and everyone else around you!

Get to know me and my offerings here :
PlayfulLoving.com ~ Passionate about life, love and sex!

MARCI, Tantra Tuesday GUEST Facilitator/Teacher

MARCI is a personal transformation catalyst who helps people release what no longer serves them, discover their authentic radiant selves, and expand their capacity to experience all they desire and deserve. After 20+ years of study and commitment to personal development and self-improvement, Marci is now passionate about sharing the path of self-love and self-acceptance. With a background in tantra, energetics, authentic relating, hypnosis, and personal coaching, she uses a variety of practices to guide others towards greater freedom, joy, connection and empowerment.

Join Marci our additional new facilitator with her series on Deepening Pleasure & Intimacy on our Tantra Tuesday nights once a month.

How much pleasure are you ready to open up to?

This Playshop series is about expanding our capacity for pleasure and intimacy in our lives and relationships. The intention is to open our minds, hearts and bodies to the joy, sensuality and potential for connection that exists all around us, in every moment of every day. Each month we’ll be exploring a specific theme through a variety of interactive tantric, energetic and authentic relating practices.


ACCESSIBILITY & SLIDING SCALEIn order to make these gatherings accessible, we will reserve 2 spots in each gathering for people who may “pay what you can.” The way to be considered for these spots is to send us an email a week before the gathering in which you intend to join, stating your needs and why you wish to join the particular gathering. Depending on the number of people applying for the pay what you can spots, we will rotate availability. Each time you would like to be considered for a pay-what-you-can spot, you must send us an email a week in advance of the practice you wish to attend to viktoria@playfulloving.com

SpiritWind has 2 staircases, so it is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible, however we have lots of helpful loving people who may be able to assist you up and down the flights – if you are able to walk a little bit and sit in a chair for the 1.5hrs of the class.



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