Speaking Engagements

As Speakers, Human Rights Activists, Educators & Entrepreneurs in over 15 professional fields your organization, group or class will be enlightened, entertained and extremely well educated no matter your choice of topic & speaker.

For Universities & Colleges, Topics and Workshop oriented classes have included the following themes:

  • Sex as a Basic Need: the Social, Economic and Political Ramifications
  • Authentic communication
  • Sex and sexuality communication basics for health care practitioners, pyschologists and teachers
  • Sacred Sexuality and Intimate Relationships
  • Religiosity and Sex
  • Sexual Abuse, Recovery and Freedom
  • Alternative Sexual Lifestyles
  • Fantasies Exposed
  • Making Safe Sex Sexy

Recent University Engagements:

@ The University of Hartford. Psychology Department’s class: Women, Weight & Worry

@ Sir Wilfred Laurier University. Sextravaganza Week

@ University of Guelph. Annual Sexuality Conference: Panel on The Benefits of Sex Work