Tantra Tuesdays in Toronto – Classes Open to ALL Seekers

TANTRA TORONTO – Classes Every Tuesday OPEN for ALL!

Join us for weekly practice, educational topics and themes from all realms of spiritual, personal, sensual living. Each Tuesday has educational, informational, and most importantly, experiential practice that is guided by the theme or topic of the evening and rooted in Tantric principles.

Tantra Toronto is a seeking community rooted in expanding our capacity to love and

connect with ourselves, others and the divine.

We are committed to bringing Fellow Leaders and International Experts in the field of Spirituality, Sensuality and Sexuality to share their teachings and practices with you. So stay tuned for announcements here on Meetup and on our websites:www.SexualAwakeningCentre.com and www.PlayfulLoving.com


When: Every week, 7:15-9:00pm (please arrive at 7:15, we start promptly at 7:30) *Please be mindful of the class finishing just before us requires us to whisper*

Love Exchange: $20, first night is only $10!

Limited sliding-scale available – please see below…




No previous knowledge, understanding or practice required. Classes are open to all interested. Singles, couples and all orientations celebrated!

(Schedule and topics may change with/without notice! Remem

ber all Tuesdays are practice based for expanding your capacity to love and connect with yourself, others and the divine. We encourage you not to pick only the ones that sound appealing, but to consider Tuesdays you’re own personal practice to open your heart, experience greater freedom, and connect with life more meaningfully.)

January 7 • Tantra: Perspectives from Life 

January 14 • Tantra Practices of the Body Part I

January 21 • Tantra Practices of the Body Part II

January 28 • Tantra Practices of the Mind Part I

February 04 • Tantra Practices of the Mind II

February 11 • Tantra Practices of the Heart Part I

February 18 • Tantra Practices of the Heart Part II

February 25 • Your Life as a Spiritual Path

March 04 • Your Relationships as Spiritual Fertilizer

March 11 • Your Intimate Relationship as your Spiritual Garden

March 18 • Devotion and Worship, Views from Tantric Binoculars

March 25 • Ritual and Ceremony: Visits to the Temple

April 01 • A Sensual Exploration of Life: Adventures with Elements and Your 6 Senses

April 08 • The 6th Sense and Energy from a Tantric Perspective

April 15 • Creating with Chi, God, and Your Gut

April 22 • Breathe with Life: A Tantric Journey into Your Most Sacred Contribution Part I … Various Tantric Breath Practices and Principles: Your Individual Life

April 29 • Breathe with Life: A Tantric Journey into Your Most Sacred Contribution Part II … Various Tantric Breath Practices and Principles: Your Life with Others

May 06 • Breathe with Life: A Tantric Journey into Your Most Sacred Contribution Part III … Various Tantric Breath Practices and Principles: Your Life with the Universe

May 13 • Your True Meaning of Freedom of Sexual Expression

May 20 • One Day a Dominatrix Was Walking Down the Street and Met a Tantrika … and they both realized they were doing the same thing! (Tantra meets BDSM, Kink & Fetish)

May 27 • Sexy Scriptures

June 03 • Your True Meaning of Freedom of Expression

June 10 • Scriptures of Liberation





I’m a former professional athlete, and a fifteen year veteran in the field of coaching and education. I wrote the book: The Active Vagina Guidebook to Female Ejaculation and It’s Not Always Pretty, But It’s Beautiful and want to change the world one orgasmic experience at a time… whether that be the culmination of a juicy explosion in your career, relationships, or sexuality, or a deeper, more harmonious relationship with yourself and God.

I’ve been teaching and coaching in industries such as: management and leadership, sports, sexuality, creativity, spirituality, and yoga.

Visit: http://www.SexualAwakeningCentre.com for more info.

What I have to say about my kick ass colleague Viktoria: When it comes to teaching, coaching, counselling and creating transformational and or kinky journeys for the adventuresome, she literally is the standard by which others can be measured. She also happens to be a stellar flogging ninja!!



The Avant Garde Provocateur and Catalyst


I’m a Sexuality & Relationship Educator as well as Coach and Confidante for over 10 years. I am also a transformational counsellor in training, a certified Holisitic Chi Kung Sexual Reflexology massage practitioner and a Bondassage practitioner and trainer.

The most important thing I relay in all my teaching is Safety, Consensual and Risk-Aware language and practices for always moving within one’s level of comfort.

Get to know me and my services here : http://www.PlayfulLoving.com




In order to make these gatherings accessible, we will reserve 2 spots in each gathering for people who may “pay what you can.” The way to be considered for these spots is to send us an email a week before the gathering in which you intend to join, stating your needs and why you wish to join the particular gathering. Depending on the number of people applying for the pay what you can spots, we will rotate availability. Each time you would like to be considered for a pay-what-you-can spot, you must send us an email a week in advance of the practice you wish to attend to viktoria@playfulloving.com

SpiritWind has 2 staircases, so it is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible, however we have lots of helpful loving people who may be able to assist you up and down the flights – if you are able to walk a little bit and sit in a chair for the 1.5hrs of the class.




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