Weekly Classes

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Classes are almost always considered practice time. They are not workshops which often house the idea that we are going to take something away or we’re simply going to have a one-off experience and it not be carried with us afterwards. Just like you might go to a karate lesson, learn a kick, a stance, a block you would then go to the dojo during open practice hours…

We practice intimacy, sensuality and sexual connection with self, others and the divine in group settings honouring every individual‘s heart, body, mind, and boundaries.

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Workshops are great for deepening knowledge about a particular subject, the same way you might attend a tutorial on algebraic equations during a year long Algebra course. But you would have to practice and do homework to ‘get it’ or more easily apply the knowledge. Hence, regular gathering time to connect with yourself, others and the divine (whatever that means to you) so you can really expand your capacity to love & connect!